Solar Water Pumping water pump

An ideal solution for Agriculture, Irrigation pumps, livestock farms, remote areas with no grid system power supply, and for those that are environmentally conscious. Pump all day using natural energy resources, fill reservoirs and water tanks and irrigate crops with this highly efficient cost saving alternative. Solar water pump systems are quick and easy to install and once installed it requires very little maintenance.

Solar Home Lighting System

We offer On grid and Off grid solar lighting systems with MNRE certified products. Our Solar systems are well suitable for urban and remote solar lighting applications.

Solar Water Heatersolar-water-heater

Use of solar energy for heating water is one of the mature renewable energy technologies. Wide spread utilization of solar water heaters can reduce a significant portion of the conventional energy being used for heating water at homes, factories & other commercial, institutional establishments. Internationally the market for solar water heaters has expanded significantly during the last decade. Globally, the industry has been growing at a rate of around 15% annually. Solar water heating is now a mature technology. The two different solar technologies, common for water heating are Flat Plate Collector(FPC) and Evacuated Tube Collector(ETC). It is necessary to have solar water heating system with the right technology, features and capacity to ensure a long term reliable smooth operation of the system, as per guidelines of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, New Delhi. We offer solar water heaters of different capacities with MNRE specifications and BIS standards for Residential and Industrial applications.

Solar Street Lighting System solar-street-light

A stand alone solar photo voltaic street lighting system (SLS) is an outdoor lighting unit used for illuminating a street or an open area. It consists of a PV module, CFL or LED lamp, Battery, Charge controller, inter-connecting wires/cables, module mounting Pole including hardware and battery box. The lamp is fixed inside a luminary which is mounted on the pole. The PV module is placed at the top of the pole at an angle to maximize incident solar radiation, and a battery is placed in a box attached to the pole. The module is mounted facing south, so that it receives solar radiation throughout the day, without any shadow falling on it. Electricity generated by the PV module will charge the battery during the day time. This system operates from dusk to dawn.

BOS Components

We offer the following Balance of System components for Photovoltaic systems. Solar Inverters, Charge controllers, Solar Batteries, AJB / MC4 / ‘Y’ Branch connectors, MC4 crimping Tool, UV resistant solar cables & Module mounting structures

Solar Water Pumping