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Solar Roof Top PV systems

With its own advantage Roof Top Solar systems are broadly used in solar home lighting and other domestic purposes, its also considered in commercial sectors like hospitals, hotels, schools and many more.

Experts team at HG Solar are specialized in Design, Implementation & Commissioning of Grid tied, Grid interactive and Off grid Power plants.

Our module of work starts with Site survey and Pre-Feasibility study, Shading analysis Array layout & Single line diagrams, Voltage drop calculations for Cable sizing Analysis, design and preparation of module mounting structures, Power conditioning room layout, Earthing and lightning protection, Detailed project report, Financial Tie-ups Implementation and finally Commissioning and Handover of project with your own Solar power plant and reduced carbon footprint.

Energy Audit and Efficiency

Energy Audit is nothing but the process of finding the energy wastage and reducing the energy consumption. Hence spending on energy audit will lead to lot of money saving and improves the productivity. Areas: Electrical Energy systems - Motors, Pumps, Compressors, HVAC, Fans & Blowers, DG system, Lighting, Transformer, Cabling. Thermal Energy systems - Boilers, Steam systems, Furnaces, Heat Ex changers, Insulation and Refractory, Co generation, Waste Heat Recovery. Beneficiaries: Industrial users having sanctioned load >250kva, Commercial establishments having sanctioned load >50kva, any Establishment spending >Rs 100 lacs/year on Energy [Fuel + Power].  Benefits: Reduction of Specific Energy Consumption per unit of Production/Service, Loss minimization, Waste Minimization, Low cost Energy substitution, Renewable application Process savings- Raw Material & Wages reduction.

Sector Specific Custom Solar Solutions

We provide customized solar solutions & packages are framed aiming ever going demand for customization for various sector specific requirement like, Stand alone Off-grid & On-grid solutions for Residential and Commercial entities, Solar for Schools and institutions, Telecom BTS sites powering by solar, Solar water pumping and fencing for Agriculture, Petrol stations with rooftop solar pv systems, Commercial and Industrial establishments, Hospitals and Solar system for Hotels & Restaurants.

Operating & Maintenance Service/AMC

Installation of any system doesn’t assure full pledged performance without proper maintenance. Hence our Solar System Maintenance Service offers tension free preventive scheduled maintenance, immediate availability on power breakdowns, assurance and suggestions on performance on timely basis.